Migrate your photos & videos, effortlessly

MigrateMan is the fastest way to migrate your entire photo and video collection from one service to another & covers all top services.

Countless features to serve every need

MigrateMan is packed with features and yet dead easy to use so you can get exactly what you want with your migrations without jumping through hoops.

  • Services. Migrate between all top services
  • Account. Maintains folder hierarchy while migration from one account to another.
  • Smart De-dupe. Deduplication of photos prior to migrate.
  • Migrate. Migrate all photos/videos to your computer.
  • Server. Request a migration & sit back relax as migration runs on our server only.
  • Effortless. We do all once you confirm. Its truly effortless for you.
  • Privacy. All migrated albums/photos are marked PRIVATE by default
  • Email. Get continuous report of migration via email
  • Download. Download you full collection to your computer.

And a lot more. Don’t find a feature here? Email us at mm@picbackman.com & we will confirm.

Users in 130+ countries trust MigrateMan

Millions of precious memories have been migrated & kept safe with MigrateMan.


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Fanatic support

Experience it to believe it. Our entire team is our support team - when we are not building software and writing guides, we are helping you with Tru.

Excellent: 5/5

PicBackMan Support
Support from the MigrateMan staff has been incredibly great. Above and beyond!
Michael K. Rosenberg

Excellent: 5/5

PicBackMan Support
I have purchased things costing thousands that don't have anywhere near this kind of technical support.
Benedict Khoo

Excellent: 5/5

PicBackMan Support
Their support is excellent, too. When I did have an issue, they sorted it out in just a few minutes.
Kip Roof